Bilinual Project
Bilinual Project



The People’s dictionary is initially based on Lexin Swedish-English and English-Swedish dictionary, previously published by the Swedish Language Council. The Swedish Language Council still publish Lexin but has chosen not to proceed making the Swedish-English Lexin available. As a substitute Viggo Kann and Joachim Hollman at Algoritmica HB have developed People’s English-Swedish dictionary within three projects supported by .SE, The Internet Infrastructure Foundation.


You can make a contribution to the People’s dictionary by answering translation proposals. When enough people have accepted a proposal, it will be added automatically to the People’s dictionary. You may also suggest how to extend or change the lexicon information, including synonyms, definitions, inflected forms, compositions and examples. Just look up the word and click on the tool sign to the right of the translation. All submitted proposals will both be reviewed automatically and be judged by other users before they are entered into the People’s dictionary.

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