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Investing in Fitchburg State

Giving to 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 is an investment in the future of the university, ensuring its place as a vibrant institution of public higher education and a thriving economic and cultural contributor to North Worcester County. Your support affects virtually every facet of campus life, from a wide range of athletic and co-curricular activities, to other important priorities such as 教师 development, library and technology resources, capital improvements and campus beautification.

但最重要的是, your support enables students from a multitude of backgrounds to get a high quality, 负担得起的教育, assuring their success as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Annual contributions to the 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 Foundation, Inc. are essential to our progress. The Foundation provides support for financial aid, 教师的研究, 学生活动, and projects that have not received endowed support.

Whether your gift is large or small, whether it is inspired by gratitude, 学术兴趣, 或者社区慈善事业, your generosity makes a difference at Fitchburg State every single day.


Annual fund gifts impact every aspect of a Fitchburg State education, every day and all year long. 这些礼物 support the work of students and 教师 inside classrooms and labs, on athletic fields and in performance halls, in the library and on internships and in study abroad opportunities.

Each annual fund contribution is an investment in Fitchburg State's core academic mission and enriches the Fitchburg State experience for both students and 教师.

近三十年来, the annual fund has given 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 the private edge in public education. By generating much-needed funds for some of the university’s greatest needs, the annual fund has been the critical difference in Fitchburg State’s ability to provide high-quality, affordable undergraduate and graduate education.
Gifts to the annual fund allow the university:

  • To make a Fitchburg State education accessible to all qualified students, regardless of income
  • To recruit and retain talented 教师
  • To enrich the learning environment and community of the campus
  • To foster intellectual, social and ethical development among its students
  • Virtually no aspect of 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 has been untouched by the annual fund

This would not be possible without the generous support we receive from our alumni, 父母和朋友. The good news is it doesn’t take a huge donation to make a huge impact on the lives of our students. Taken all together, annual fund gifts are a significant source of support for the university.

The FUND is an endowed fund, with earnings to be used to fill in gaps for students with financial need. Your donation will allow students to access emergency funds that can make the difference between them staying in school and leaving. Did you know that sometimes that difference may be as little as $200? What may seem like a small amount to you or me can sometimes seem like the final obstacle for a student struggling to pay their way.

In response to the global pandemic, we established the 学生应急基金. This fund addresses immediate student need such as travel, 住房, 学生工资损失, 粮食不安全等. This fund provides the university with the flexibility and resources necessary to address student hardships as they arise.

Make a difference in our students' lives through scholarships.

You can select an area that you are most passionate about such as business, 护理, 刑事司法. The possibilities are endless. 

Are you passionate about field hockey? Or maybe you love the Black Student Union (BSU)? 希腊生活怎么样?? You can designate your gift anywhere on campus.


Every gift, no matter the size, will make a profound impact on the students of Fitchburg State. There are a variety of ways to make a charitable contribution.

美高梅(MGM)2288集团 accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. To make a contribution by credit card over the telephone, please contact the Office of Development at 978.665.4555. You can also make your gift 在线.

Gifts can be made payable to 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 Foundation, Inc. 并寄给:

美高梅(MGM)2288集团 Foundation, Inc.

If you wish to restrict your gift to a particular fund, please specify on the memo line of the check.

You may be able to double or triple your gift to Fitchburg State through your employer’s matching gift program. Companies that participate in these programs will provide their employees with matching gift forms to complete and include with their contribution or pledge form.

Gifts of appreciated securities are a tax effective way to support 美高梅(MGM)2288集团. When you donate appreciated stock to Fitchburg State, you can avoid capital gain taxes that you would be responsible for if you sold the asset. 另外, if you have owned the securities for more than one year, you can also receive an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value. These benefits make donating appreciated securities a favorable alternative to giving cash.

Land or other real estate may be given to the university as an outright gift or used as an asset within a charitable trust. Personal property, such as artwork or rare books, can also be contributed. Since it is sometime difficult to determine the university’s needs for donated personal property, each case will be reviewed individually.

Planned gifts benefit both the donor and the university. 这些礼物, which can be planned through your financial advisors and the university staff, provide significant benefits including tax deductions, avoidance of capital gains taxes and increased income. 它们包括: 

  • 遗赠
  • 人寿保险
  • 慈善捐赠年金
  • Gifts from a Retirement Plan
  • 慈善先导信托基金
  • 保留终身地产
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

看到 计划给 欲知详情. Contact the Development Office at 978.665.4555或电邮 alumni@bilinual.com 有问题吗?.


美高梅(MGM)2288集团’s program for building lifetime loyalty and raising maximum dollars for the annual fund.

The Fitchburg State 年度基金 is comprised of unrestricted current use for the university and current use restricted revenue for stated university priorities, 无论大小.

Fitchburg State offers each student transformational learning opportunities and campus experiences that lead to personal growth. Tuition only covers a small portion of what it costs to educate a falcon, so annual gifts from alumni, 父母, 朋友, 教师, staff and students are essential to help fill the gap. Gifts to the university support student financial support that attracts worthy students, provides a foundation for co-curricular activity and sustains the university’s reputation as a top regional university.

绝对! While Fitchburg State enjoys putting your gift toward the greatest need or the university’s current priority, we believe you should be able to support what matters most to you.

绝对! Regardless of the size of your gift, your participation as an annual giving donor directly impacts our students. Your gift of any amount is a vote of confidence that shows you support your alma mater.

是的, any gift to the 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Gifts of stock, mutual funds or other appreciated securities have special tax benefits.

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to show you care. 制作礼物时, you can make your gift in honor or memory of someone by filling out the tribute information.

Fitchburg State Foundation

The Fitchburg State Foundation was started in 1978 to encourage voluntary gifts for scholarships and enrichment programs.


Planned gifts can be planned through your financial advisors and the university staff and provide significant benefits including tax deductions, avoidance of capital gains taxes and increased income.

Report and Impact on Giving

Report on giving reflects gifts made to the 美高梅(MGM)2288集团 Foundation, Inc. 七月一日至六月三十日.